Sonntag, 26. September 2010

Happy Fall Freebie

Hello Scrapper.. ;))

now  comes the Time where the Day´s are getting shorter again.. and i think its Time for a few more Freebie´s for you..

I made some Autumn Elements for you, and i hope you like it a little..let me show what you create with my Stuff pls

download here

HUGS Bea ^_^

Donnerstag, 2. September 2010

Happy Birthday Freebie

Hello Friends..

I'm a little late I know...but now I'm here and I'm going to celebrate my birthday with you...I have a gift for you and hope you like it...
So enjoy and have Fun.. 

download here


Mittwoch, 1. September 2010

new Blogtrain in da House ^_^ Fruits n Flowers

Hi..its Time

yes its Time for a new Blogtrain.. yeah..:))..
 i have some Fruits and Flowers for you and hope you like it..tell me what you mean and show me what you create .
Have Fun with the Kit and a little Thanks are always welcome.

download here

here are the other Blogtrain Stations ..pls visit..


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